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About Us

Chunichi Seiko celebrates our 50th anniversary in 2016. From our very beginnings we have created gears that meet the needs of the time as a manufacturer specializing in gears.
Since that time we have grown from our automotive roots to agricultural applications and gained global reach.

Chunichi Seiko, then and now, maintains a posture of
“providing joy and wonder to people through technology”
and seeks to be“the gear specialists you rely on”.

We live to keep creating

Our mission is to respond with technology to even the hardest of problems.

We recognize the important role our gears play in products that move, from cars to tractors, providing prosperity and convenience to Japan and the world. Our gears are at the heart of components including engines and powertrains. As a gear specialist, Chunichi Seiko will continue using technology to create products that contribute to keeping the world running.
We handle every stage from procurement of materials to the shipping of our products with strict quality controls. Our fully equipped manufacturing facilities answer the needs of our customers. Our mission is to respond with technology to even the hardest of problems. As we look to tomorrow, our carefully cultivated technology is finding applications in the next generation of industry, including robotics.

Reliable solutions and flexible responses

We seek to be “the gear specialists you rely on”.

We offer flexible responses and reliable solutions to the problems faced by our customers. Looking back over our history, we can point to the many times we have created new products starting without a blueprint, born out of our knowledge and technology that found in our experienced staff and accumulated engineering prowess. We are able to creatively respond to the needs of our customers, offering solutions that have included customizing manufacturing equipment in order to deliver at the desired price point.

Feel free to consult with us no matter how complex the processes in the project or even if it is merely an idea without any designs or drawings. Our database of accumulated engineering solutions built up over half a century is at your disposal. We offer proposals that not only meet your budget but also provide reliable products. Feel free to consult with us no matter what your need, including metal machined parts with complicated processing.

Reaching to the world from our home in Japan

Manufacturing in Toyokawa, providing technology to the world.

Since locating ourselves in a four-acre industrial park in Toyokawa, Chunichi Seiko has had the opportunity to work for many major companies and world-famous enterprises. It could be said that our growth has mirrored that of Toyokawa City in Aichi Prefecture.

Even as large industries moved manufacturing centers overseas, we have continued manufacturing in Toyokawa and providing technology to the world providing jobs to our local economy.

The small city of Toyokawa and Chunichi Seiko, an SME (small and medium enterprise). Even with small scale we cooperate together with refined technology giving us ability to compete on the world stage. We will continue our global challenge from Toyokawa so that soon many people around the world will know of the gears of Chunichi Seiko from Toyokawa.

Fostering engineers ready for the future

We also work to foster engineers with creativity,
technical know-how and human capabilities.

We are also actively involved in research and development for going beyond automotive to become a part of next-generation industry. That research and development is not possible without people. Responding to the needs of our customers requires professional development to foster true engineers. Our “Manufacturing Dojo” is our internal program for developing engineers and is an opportunity to pass on technology and learn about gears from the bottom up. We also work to foster engineers with creativity, technical know-how and human capabilities.